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The Haunter Of The Dark

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

The fascination with the Shining Trapezohedron brought Robert Blake to death under strange circumstances. Do you have the nerve to take on his role?

In progress

Portret Owalny

Edgar Allan Poe

During a dangerous journey, the main character and his valet end up in a desolate castle. There, in a gloomy atmosphere, the hero discovers a secret of the portrait of a beautiful muse.

Rosemary's Fate

Paweł Dagiel, Dominik Dagiel

To dynamiczna gra dźwiękowa (dynamic audio game), w której Twoja wyobraźnia służy jako najlepsza karta graficzna!

Gamebook: Play your way

You will see what you hear through imagination

Enjoy the Gamebook in a variety of situations – while traveling, in your favorite armchair or sofa. Just run your Gamebook on any laptop/PC or smartphone. No Internet access is required when installed. Using headphones is strongly recommended. Once you start playing, you don’t even need to look at the screen.

Play a book!

Digital Gamebook is a game with unprecedented possibilities in the world of audiobooks.

Gamebooks focus on what is most important in books: stimulating your imagination and experiencing the story.

You can listen to the story like a classic audiobook and also take on the role of the story’s hero.

Imagine that...

The main character approaches and stops in front of a suspension bridge over the abyss.


You listen as the lector reads this sentence. Sometimes the production is enhanced with ambient sounds. In our example, you would hear a rushing river and footsteps in the background.


You listen to a rushing river. And now, with a voice or a simple gesture, you set the story’s hero in motion. You listen as the character makes unsteady steps on the creaking bridge.

That’s the magic moment.

Here you become both the listener and the hero of the story. You are no longer just listening, but also feeling the story. You are its active participant.

Gamebook: listen to feel