Rosemary's Fate

Midworld & Game The Same
  • Survival Horror
  • Mystery
  • History
  • Love
  • Decisions
Script:Paweł Dagiel, Dominik Dagiel
Narrated by:Dominik Dagiel, Krzysztof Kus, Michał Ratkowski, Monika Emat, Jan Wegner, Julia Radoń, Anna Ratkowska, Agnieszka Dagiel, Kornel Kocjan
Type:dynamic audio game
Publisher:Game The same
Length:2 hours
Platforms:any headphones and an Android phone or PC. MacOS/iOS soon.
Language:English (audio & text). Polish (text)

About production

Rosemary`s Fate connects the worlds of audiobooks and games based on imagination.

In this dynamic audio game your imagination will be the best graphics card!